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GravityForms dynamic radio buttons from custom post WordPress


Looking to have a GravityForms radio button entry dynamically populated using a dynamically created variable.

I have the following code:

//Adds a filter to form id 1.
add_filter("gform_pre_render_1", "populate_radio_14");
add_filter("gform_admin_pre_render_1", "populate_radio_14");
function populate_radio_14($form){
$coupon_book_5x = do_shortcode('[coupon_voucher_5x]');
$coupon_book_10x = do_shortcode('[coupon_voucher_10x]');

//Creating radio choices
$choices = array(
array("text" => "Coupon Voucher 5x, $$coupon_book_5x.00", "value" => "5x_coupon_voucher"),
array("text" => "Coupon Voucher 10x, $$coupon_book_10x.00", "value" => "10x_coupon_voucher")

/* $inputs = array(
array("label" => "Coupon Voucher 5x", "id" => "14.0", "value" => "5x_coupon"), // field id
array("label" => "Coupon Voucher 10x", "id" => "14.1", "value" => "10x_coupon") // field id

//Adding items to field id 14.
foreach($form['fields'] as &$field){
if($field['id'] == 14){
$field['choices'] = $choices;
// $field['inputs'] = $inputs;

return $form;

It correctly renders the form in the front end but does not pass the variables after the form is submitted.

P.S. Yes I have checked out the following and have found them unhelpful.

The shortcodes are processed with this function:
/** 4. Coupon Voucher 5x
* @example <code>[coupon_voucher_5x]
is the default usage */
function scn_coupon_voucher_5x($atts, $content = null) {
$coupon_voucher_5x = get_field('coupon_voucher_5x','option');
return $coupon_voucher_5x;
} // End scn_coupon_voucher_5x()
add_shortcode( 'coupon_voucher_5x', 'scn_coupon_voucher_5x' );

/** 5. Coupon Voucher 10x
* @example [coupon_voucher_10x] is the default usage */
function scn_coupon_voucher_10x($atts, $content = null) {
$coupon_voucher_10x = get_field('coupon_voucher_10x','option');
return $coupon_voucher_10x;
} // End scn_coupon_voucher_10x()
add_shortcode( 'coupon_voucher_10x', 'scn_coupon_voucher_10x' ); </code>

Basically, the coupon prices are defined using Advanced Custom Fields, then dumped into shortcodes, and used in the dynamic radio button code.

Answers (1)


Kyle answers:

You're showing the frontend code... where are you not seeing the variable? Is it in the entry object, form object, or post object?

Kyle comments:

If you fill in how you are using the vars in the end, it would help.

phatoz comments:

The variable is not seen in the back-end of the forms admin.
Plus, no matter what coupon is chosen (5x or 10x) 5x is always shown as the item selected.
See screenshot.