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Google Web Master Tool Speed Issue Avoid landing page redirects WordPress


I have this issue when running the speed test in my website
I have included a screen shoot.

I know the solution is to add a rule to the .htacces file
but I need to know the code to do it.


Answers (1)


Farid answers:


Add the following code to your theme's 'functions.php' file.

remove_action('template_redirect', 'redirect_canonical');

That disables the canonical redirection.


alumicenter comments:

Eff, I have try and did not work, any other options

Farid comments:

Kindly check your plugin conflicts once. Disable all the plugins and see if that fixes the issue. Then re-enable one plugin at a time to find the culprit plugin.

Let me know if you still have this issue. I am waiting for your response.

alumicenter comments:

It works