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Google Optimizer For Wordpress WordPress


Hi Guys

I have just spent hours trying to get an optimization experiment off the ground for my Wordpress CMS site.

I have followed the instructions to the letter using this plug in

But my pages will not validate for love nor money!!

I have spent another hour or so trying to find a resolution on Google and it all seems suspicously quiet out there in regard to this issue

Anyone know a way around this or had any experience with it?

Many thanks

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Rashad Aliyev answers:

Hello Mr. Steve,

I gave an answer for your questions before;

However I think that's maybe depended for your theme. But Please disable GWO Plugin settings and save and enable it again and also be carefully to paste all of coded truly into boxes.

Still you have any questions?

best regards,


Tiago Duarte answers:

Hello there, i belive what you are looking for is a SEO (Search engine optimization) solution and for that, i recommend "[[LINK href=""]]All in One SEO Pack[[/LINK]]" which is very powerfull and shall fill your needs.



Chris Olbekson answers:

I just installed the plugin on my test server WordPress install and I was able to validate at the Google Website Optimizer page.

The first time I tried to validate it failed but when I went back into WordPress I realized I didn't the check mark box for " Enable the Google Website Optimizer support for this page/post."

Could you please provide a link the pages you have added the code to.


Espreson Media answers:

You can do it without plugin. Just from your wordpress admin, by just adding a theme option page.


Lawrence Krubner answers:

As moderator of this site, I decided to delete one of the earlier answers, which contained an exchange that I felt was counter-productive and disruptive to the site. I've written a few rules of decorum that I hope people will remember when they are on the site. Please read this:

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