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Good plugin for ads WordPress



I was thinking of selling some ad places here and there on my site. The plugin should be able to generate code or php code for putting ads where ever I want on my page. With my own sizes. I'm not looking for a massive ads campaign plugin, but I'm open for suggestions. It must be a plugin that makes this possible and also counts the days a certain ad is placed and so on. Also I need to target specific ads or ad those manually.

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Espreson Media answers:

You can opt for OIO is an ad manager that enables you to maximise your revenue, save time, and keep you in complete control of your ad space.
Sell and serve ads on any website, using this php ad management script. It can even be used as a Wordpress plugin right out of the box!

Veritus comments:

Ok, I'll check this out. I want to be able to target ads or ad those manually. Can this do that?

Espreson Media comments:



Navjot Singh answers:

If you don't want to spend on the plugin you can look through these equally powerful free alternatives: [[LINK href=""]]Simple Ads Manager[[/LINK]], [[LINK href=""]]AdRotate[[/LINK]] and [[LINK href=""]]Advertising Manager[[/LINK]].

Veritus comments:

Oki, I'll check those out Navjot Singh