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Ghost in the Machine? WordPress


On our site:

Every now and then when a page is taking too long to load, one of two things will happen:

1) the submenu/dropdown menu will appear below the main menu. Just for a couple of seconds. Then when the page has loaded, it disappears (since I'm not currently using the submenu).

2) if you're on the [[LINK href=""]]shopping cart[[/LINK]] and a page takes too long to load, you'll see text for a couple of seconds that says "Its a great way to find information" which I believe is the text this theme uses for the search field. But I don't have the search field on the site.

I need someone to diagnose why those are appearing and more important how to prevent them from appearing.


Answers (2)


Denzel Chia answers:


That is not your sub menu, that is categories, archives and search form.
I had login into your site and hide them.

<em><strong>Check if your menu is fixed.</strong></em>

As for the shopping cart, it is zen cart, not wordpress.
Sorry I do not know how to fix zen cart.


c a comments:

How did you hide them please?

Denzel Chia comments:


The explanation is in my email to you.



Peter Michael answers:

If you don't want to display certain things on a page either remove them completely or add an inline css declaration instead of adding it to the stylesheet file, something like:

<p style="display:none;">Do not display</p>

Like this the browser doesn't have to wait for the declarations from the external stylesheet.

c a comments:

Well, I'd want the submenu to be able to become active if any sub-levels are used in the future. I just don't want it appearing when I have nothing on the sub-levels like now.

Peter Michael comments:

I see you are using categories as your menu. Do you make use of the custom menus in the wp-admin? If yes, just define menu areas using [[LINK href=""]]register_nav_menus[[/LINK]] and activate them once you are ready.

c a comments:

Not sure what you mean. The menu items are added to the topmenu via widgets.
Many of the menu items are simply pages.

Peter Michael comments:

You should use the new menu system introduced in WP3, not widgets. See [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]] for example.

The text "its a great way to find information" is appearing on the front page (not found on the shop page). Its declared via javascript to the search input field (blur, focus).

c a comments:

can I just comment out the search input field or something since we're not using it? the text appears randomly at times.

Peter Michael comments:

Yes, use <!-- <div id="search"> ... </div> --> and it will be hidden. But best would be to remove it completely if you are sure you don't use it.