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Get TimThumb to work properly on Windows Servers w/ Wordpress WordPress


I would like to start off by saying that I am almost certain this is permissions issue. Thus far all of my aggravation with getting WP/Thesis to play nice with Windows Server has been a permissions issue.

Here is what I have running:

WP 2.9.2
Latest Thesis Version
Windows Server -- I hate you! I can find out what version if necessary.

Here is the issue. Using Thesis, I am uploading via the media icon on the post page and inserting the image location into the proper custom field provided by Thesis. When the URL is from the WP Upload location (XX/wp-content/uploads/...) nothing shows up on the front end, however if I use a URL outside of the WP Upload location it DOES in fact work (this screams permissions doesn't it?). BUT... if i insert the uploaded image into the post it does in fact display on the post page. BUT, if i try to access the image by its url source, by typing it into the browser i get a 401 error:

<em>401 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials.
You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied.</em>

I'm guessing that this 401 error is the same reason why I cannot have the images resized or displayed from the custom fields that route through TimThumb.php.

What do I need to change permissions to, as I must have the right permissions to upload into WP no?

Thanks in advance for the help, these Windows file permissions have been driving me bonkers.


Answers (4)


Dan Fraticiu answers:

The folder where you have the timthumb script there is (or should be) a cache folder. Try change it's permissions.

BTW: you can use WP's own thumbnail system now : it's fairly easy to set up to.

Rich Staats comments:

Thanks for the quick reply. I am aware of the new thumbnail system, but we are running the Thesis Framework which is already set up for the client to use. I would prefer to not confuse them with both options.

I'll look into changing permissions on the cache folder. That seems like a possibility for sure!

Dan Fraticiu comments:

I had a look over at your description and I think the problem is with the permissions on wp-content/upload.

Try setting read access to everyone for that folder, or even full-controll.


Utkarsh Kukreti answers:

Could you link me to the site? (or send it in a message)

Rich Staats comments:

unfortunately the site is behind password protection and the client is very adamant about not opening it up during development. Is there any information that I can gather for you?

Utkarsh Kukreti comments:

I'm guessing the problem is due to the password protection. Could disable that, and see if the thumbnails work then?

Rich Staats comments:

The password protection is really just the "Maintenance Mode" plugin. I deactivated it to check, but to no avail As I pointed out above, everything works fine if I use an image hosted on another server, it is the images on the hosted server (windows server) that is causing the issue.


Sony Murdianto answers:

all permission with directory ftp

Rich Staats comments:

im not sure what you are saying?



Dan Davies answers:

Are you certain that the upload directory is correct? Check dashboard > settings > miscellaneous, and ensure that the uploads folder is correct, and if there is a full-path specified, make sure that's correct too. If a WordPress is installed and then moved, it often carries the absolute link to the previous directory in that field, rather than a relative/dynamic link.

Did you try changing the permissions of the uploads folder to 775 (or what ever the Windows equivalent of that is, if they differ)?

You're not running the website on a dev server and just using your hosts file to simulate the domain, are you?

(Ignore this, that's a silly suggestion, as TimThumb works on external domains) Also check the permissions on timthumb - make sure that's allowed to run/execute.