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GetShopped (wp-ecommerce): if() test is shopping cart empty? WordPress


I've built an e-commerce site and I'm using the plugin from GetShopped to manage the shopping cart. I've placed the shopping cart in the template with this it of code:

<?php echo nzshpcrt_shopping_basket(); ?>

However, I actually want this only to appear if there is something in shopping cart. In pseudo code, what I want looks like this:

<?php if (!shopping_cart_is_empty()): ?>

<?php echo nzshpcrt_shopping_basket(); ?>

<?php endif ?>

How can I achieve this?

Answers (1)


yves vu answers:

you should use code:

if (isset($_SESSION['wpsc_cart']) && !empty($_SESSION['wpsc_cart']))
echo nzshpcrt_shopping_basket();