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Geo Mashup for Dummies WordPress


I am not a developer. I have installed the Geo Mashup plugin to try and create an interactive map on my wordpress based site. I have gone as far as I can and have created a map, but cannot figure out how to get the different posts (each representing an individidual) to show up on my map. Geo Mashup says to use shortcode tags like these ones:


But when I drop them into the editing window on the post, nothing happens.

I need some real basic help undersatinding how Geo Mashup works without needing to know too much about coding. Can you help me? Pleeeease??

Thank you,

Answers (3)


Dbranes answers:

Hi, what happens when you write [geo_mashup_map] into the editor and check post preview?


phppoet answers:

its very easy to use geo mashup plugin .

1. Install plugin and activate it .

2. just go to settings and save all data as it is without any change .

3. Add [geo_mashup_map] to every page or post or custom post type on which you want to show your map .

4. search for your map place in "Find a new location" just above the map box

5. Then Type your location name just below map and click on save.

6. now check the page. its ready to use.

please feel free to ask if you have any questions.

phppoet comments:

Geo mashup plugin is creating its own table which stores location details . They retrive data from that table . It does not save map location as your post meta just as you save tags , meta title , meta description .

so global map will shop all your saved data but it will not show the location with the post concerned.


Dylan Kuhn answers:

Before a map will show up, you have to [[LINK href=""]]save locations for some things[[/LINK]]. In your case it sounds like you have some posts representing an individual. If these are a custom post type, you need to tell Geo Mashup to save location for them. In Settings -> Geo Mashup -> Overall -> Collect Location For, you should see a listing of your custom post types. Check the one you want, let's say for example it's "individual", then click Update Options.

Now when you edit a post for an individual, you should see the location editor described in the above link. There is a help link at the bottom with instructions.

To make a map of individuals in a new post or page, one that has no location saved for itself, you'd use this shortcode:

[geo_mashup_map map_post_type="individual"]

If my guess that you have a custom post type is wrong, you may just be having trouble saving a location for regular posts. Explain a bit more what happens when you try. Hope this helps!

aerindunford comments:

Hi Dylan,

To make things easier, I was planning on just entering the information for each individual as a post, adding a location to that post and that hoping that this data would feed into one central map (I believe that this is what you call the "Global Map"). I entered the information of the individual (we have a form with a number of questions that I pasted into the edit field) into a post and added a location for that person (as explained by phppoet above). I have selected "posts" and "pages" here: Settings -> Geo Mashup -> Overall -> Collect Location For. The "Global Mashup Page" I have indicated is for this page: (it was private, but I'll make the page public so you can see it now). Here's the code I used to create the map (taken directly from Geo Mashup wiki):

[geo_mashup_map height="600" width="820" zoom="2" add_overview_control="false" add_map_type_control="false"]

What I'm getting on the global map I've created is just the location for that page (find-each-other). If I remove that location, no map appears at all. So this tells me that the map is not pulling from any other posts or pages with saved locations in the site. Any idea why that would be happening? I'm attaching a couple of screen shots of the location module on the two pages where I've added markers if that helps at all. I'm using Open Layers right now... but that's not absolutely necessary. I can use Google Maps if it would be easier, but I haven't yet requested an API for v3.