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Geo Mashup Nearby List Custom Post Type Query WordPress


I'm having a difficult time determining what query to use to have to pull in custom post types for the nearby-list.

Any help including what query to use and where to place it in the code would be helpful.

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Answers (1)


Dylan Kuhn answers:

The nearby list will include ost types enabled in Settings / Geo Mashup / Overall / Collect Location For. Check the post types you'd like to show up there and they'll show up!

Dylan Kuhn comments:

Oh, and an example template tag. This will list posts within 50 miles of Yosemite National Park:

<?php echo GeoMashup::nearby_list( 'near_lat=37.865080&near_lng=-119.538308&radius=50&units=mi' ); ?>

That should work in any template - just depends on where you want it to show up...

mruud comments:

Hi Dylan,

I'm trying to use the short code not alter a template.

The list function will work with standard posts, but not with my custom post type. I think I need to alter the query on the geo-mashup-nearby-list.php to call for the custom post type. I'm just not sure how write the query before the loop to include this post type.

Any suggestions?

mruud comments:

Nevermind. It's working now. I was using the default radius which was too small.

Thanks for your help. Your plugin is really really useful.

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