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GeoMashup Plugin - Display markers as post types and taxonomies WordPress


This question is for GeoMashup Plugn. I'm new to WP Questions.

I've a setup with several post types (I don't use standard posts at all) and custom taxonomies. I need to do the following:

1) in contextual maps and global maps I would like to use display different markers according to post types and specify certain custom markers if the marker belongs to a post
type AND a certain taxonomy term (if not, fallback to general post type marker) - for example I have custom post type "nightlife" but I have a taxonomy for this post type called "category" in which there are terms like "bar", "pub" or "club". If a "club" is shown on the map then I would like to have a marker for it. If I have something not categorized in the taxonomy or falls in a term that is not specified in my GeoMashup marker customization, the fallback marker would be a generic "nightlife" marker. And so on for all the custom post types I might have displayed on the map (such as hotels, nightlife, restaurants, and other points of interest...)

2) in contextual maps and single/individual maps I would like to have the current post displayed with a marker of it's own and according to post type have a different label on it (whether this label is text or image it's not so important, the marker would be always the same but I want to display some text on the marker describing the post type, ie. "restaurant, bar, hotel, etc."). In other words I want to differentiate the appearance of the current post location, to let people understand in a contextual map displayed in a single post view, which is the element they're viewing - so they can understand where's the location of the current post and how far they are the other posts around it. Here's an example: [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

I realize I need to do some customization in javascript / php and json but I don't have the ability to do it properly

thank you

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Dylan Kuhn answers:

Thanks for trying WP Questions! You're asking for a bit more work than is convenient to provide here. It sounds like you need more than a couple of code snippets. I can provide some snippets to get you started for the amount you've offered here, but I'd suggest $100 to have custom code written and installed for you, and $200 if you need marker images created for you also.

Gaslight comments:

I will send a private email to you since this would cover eventually my other question regarding post types and I realize is a fair amount of work.