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Genesis widgetised home page & Yoast SEO plugin WordPress

Hi Guys

What is the best way to add all the Yoast goodies to a Genesis widgetised home page. Obvioulsy you can do it with regular pages because the yoast settings are right underneath.

How does one manage those settings for a page made up of widgets.


Answers (1)


Andrea P answers:

even if your page is made up by widget, it should exist as a page.
it should be a page which uses a specific template file, that is then displaying all the widgets within the layout, rather than the actual page content.

though, if you set up the YOAST settings for that page, they will be added to its meta-title and meta-description tags, no matter what is the content or the template displayed in the page, yoast adds the tags within the header of the displayed page, and it's not bothered about what happens below.