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GD CPT Tools: setting custom taxonomies under categories? WordPress


I just acquired GD CPT Tools Pro in order to tackle something currently non-existent on the website: taxonomy.

Current status: chaos
PHP: 5.2.6 | mySQL: 5.0.92-community | WordPress: 3.1.1 | PHP Extensions: curl
3940 posts
24426 post tags
42 categories - those are fine as they are. Some will get added over time.

If additional information about status required, just ask.

As the categories are fine, I want to know if taxonomy can be created under the categories. For example:

Cinéma <-- main category
Actus cinéma <-- child category
Critiques de films <-- child category
Dossiers de films <-- child category
other child categories under Cinema

I wish to add taxonomy as follows:
etc., which are relevant to the main category and all the child categories as well.

After plodding through documentation as well as numerous articles, I am stuck being unsure if it's feasible or not.

For example, IF I take an existing post and switch it from article to a custom post type named film, it will change the url, messing up what is currently listed on Google news and everywhere else. Or am I missing something and should I actually go this route?

If not the route of custom posts, how do I tackle existing content to get rid of all the useless junk under tags and build a proper taxonomy?

Reward is set at $10 thinking it may be a 'Yes it can be done' or 'No it can't be done that way' type of answer. Will be raised if answer is more complex than I thought and allows me to solve the issue. State what you believe it's worth.


Edit 1: In addition to the reply below, another attempt to clarify: on the one hand, the idea is to flush out as many tags as I can, and to replace them with relevant taxonomy tied in to categories. Thus, under Cinema, a catalog of taxonomy for directors, actors and so on. Same for other categories such as Music and others.


Edit 2: Based on my understanding of the first answer provided, what you are saying is to add child categories to my heart's content. What I am striving to do is to tie data fields to categories. Directors tied to cinéma, actors tied to cinéma, etc.

Also based on what you have answered so far (and yes, I find it difficult to phrase so we may be having a terminology issue), to narrow it down that way MUST be done through custom posts and CANNOT be done directly through categories. Is that correct?

Answers (1)


Christianto answers:

Little confuse with question sorry if I misunderstood.

You have several categories, and you want to create chlid category.
That can be done in wp admin by setting up parent in category management isn't?

Or you also need the permalink structure to became '' ??

If you creating new taxonomy under new custom post type, this will be tricky, especially if you have 'pretty permalink' structure. You cannot create same category name under different post type. Not to mention there are possibility that you can get 404 page not found like everyone get if you use 'pretty permalink'.

Although post tag seem like a junk, search engine still treat it like legitimate link if not being abuse. Having 24426 tag definitely not a proper use of it.. And categories and tag is basically same, the different only related to how it organize.

Benoit Bisson comments:

What I have is categories, but I want to know if I can use GD CPT Tools to create what could be called a complementary taxonomy that ties in with current categories.

For example, if you look at the attached image, you'll see I created a number of custom taxonomies, but as far as I can see, they are not related to anything so far.
What I would like to see happen is when I create a normal post and pick the category Cinéma for it, any of these custom taxonomies filled be related to the Cinéma category.

Link structure is /%year%/%monthnum%/%post_id%/%postname%/