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Further customizing Flickr integration on Autofocus+ Pro Theme? WordPress


I have a big problem with this theme and the way it deals with Flickr integration. What i was used to do (with the previous theme Autofocus) was to get the html code and to embed it on each post (usually a single big image). Here's what happens with Autofocus Pro:
- first i tried using the Flickr html embedded into the post -> this leads to the image being shown in the post, but doubled (first the correct size as chosen and then a smaller copy of it);
- second i've tried using the oEmbed functionality of the theme, by getting the link of the photo - this time the photo appears only once which is ok, but it takes the small size is used by default;
- third i've tried using the Flickr API integration function of the theme - but this is also a no-go, as i cannot specify a specific photo to be embedded, but just the first photo from the set selected; this would mean that i have to create a set for each photo i want to use on the photoblog and it is absurd.
I love the theme and i really want to use it, without having to reupload all of my photos on the wordpress server and give up using Flickr (for obvious reasons). In the end, i want to be able to post big photos (usually one/post) without duplicating them and being able to choose the size from Flickr.
I'm sure this can be done, but i am totally unfamiliar with php and i cannot find a solution anywhere.
My blog is here: [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]] and the discussion with Allan Cole is [[LINK href=""]]here[[/LINK]].
Allan basically says this is further tweaking the theme. I'm asking you if you know a way that the behavior from first point can be modified or if there's any other way of fixing this.
Thank you.

Answers (1)


Denzel Chia answers:


If you want to remove any image in the content area, leaving only the big image on top.
Use your theme editor, open up style.css,
go to the end of it and add the code below

.entry-content img {
display: none !important;


Remgriff comments:

This was exactly what i was looking for!
Thank you - prize awarded.