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Friends request Wordpress without plugin WordPress


Hi! I want to say if anyone can create a function for allow users to make as friend any other user but without plugins.

I know plugins like buddypress and mingle but i want integrate this solution inside the code of my personal theme.

The features are:

- Profile page
- Allow friends system for users
- Private messages for users
- If is not a friend, user can't view their messages or profile page

<strong>Let me know please! I'm very interested, thanks!</strong>

Answers (3)


Lawrence Krubner answers:

Just to clarify:

When you say "without plugins" what kind of code are you looking for? Do you mean you want some code that you can add to your functions.php file and it will enable friending?

christian pucci comments:

Exactly Lawrence!

Lawrence Krubner comments:


This is an ambitious project. Why do you not want to use a plugin? You could start with something like BuddyPress and then modify it to suit your needs. That would probably be the easiest way to go.

Trying to develop all of this functionality from scratch is a large undertaking. It would probably take someone a week of work to get it all done. You would have to pay a lot of money to get it just right.

Can I ask why you don't want to use a plugin?

christian pucci comments:

You are right but the only reason i want a separate file is, i don't want update the plugin every time.

Every time i'm going to update those plugins, i go to spend lot of time to re-code everything.

I want a solution without plugin. I know 50$ are too small for do that. I pay much more for that.


Luis Cordova answers:

why " i don't want update the plugin every time. " ?

you don't spend time upgrading plugins ... you can even automatize this upgrade unless you mean you don't invest time in updating the parts that make it a plugin ... so could you please clarify your question more?

still is not clear why not a plugin, in that case, you could perhaps use a framework for your development, if that is what you want, but as Lawrence said it is not clear why not a plugin really. Oh perhaps you plan another development but want to understand the core parts. Perhaps because the quality of code in the plugin is not readable i see...
You just then need higher quality of code delivered and done the right way modular etc.


Julio Potier answers:


If we create a plugin for you, there will be no updates ! And even if i have to make one, plugin or not, you have to update ;)

Seriously, i can mae this from scratch.

- Profile page : we can use and modify the wordpress actual profile page
- Allow friends system for users : no problem
- Private messages for users : i can develop this for you own needs
- If is not a friend, user can't view their messages or profile page : no problem

You can contact me with a private message, we will talk on skype/mail/gtalk ...

See you soon !