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Formatting my Word Document into an HTML E-mail! WordPress


Hey there!

My HTML guy just turned in for the night and I need to meet a deadline in less than an hour.

If I send you my Word Document and you see the Formatting from my client, can you please insert into an html template that pretty much has the same images and formatting as the word document?

Please state if you can work on this right now and have it to me within 30 minutes or less and your experience with HTML.



P.S. Include your e-mail address so I can e-mail you the word document. Early bird gets the worm.

Answers (4)


Rashad Aliyev answers:

Mark don't you get my formatting? I send it to your email.


Maor Barazany answers:

I am very experienced with html/css as well, and also prepare newsletters with html templates for some customers.
I assume it can be done, but need to see the exact materia you have, i.e. the Word document and the html template.

Mark Perryman comments:

Sure. What's your e-mail address?

Mark Perryman comments:

Do you have skype?

Mark Perryman comments:

Just sent you an e-mail with the doc templates. can you send me your skype name?


Jarret Minkler answers:

Why not just hit File->>Save As .. and choose HTML as file type?

Mark Perryman comments:

I want it to be in a newsletter template format while having some of the formatting that was setup by my client. Unfortunately I don't have time to do it right now and my developer has gone MIA for the evening.

Jarret Minkler comments:

It's times like these where I pray to the god.


Denzel Chia answers:

If it is going to be a HTML email. Please remember to host the images on a server!
Or you will end up sending a HTML email with image attachments instead of the images showing up properly on the email.

Good luck to you!