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Formatting Issue on Wordpress Page WordPress


Whenever I add a pictures to page, most of the content disappears. All of the material remains visible in the back end but they are cut off when the page is published.


I'm using a Templatic Theme for this.

Any suggestions?

Answers (2)


Dan | gteh answers:

Both of those pages look identical. all content is showing.

Which browser are you seeing the problem in?

I also noticed about 14 HTML errors on the page as per which may be causing the disappearing content in some browesrs

openstudy comments:

I'm seeing the problem in both Safari and Firefox...I'm working on a mac.

Would that page with the errors be effecting other pages?

Dan | gteh comments:

Im on a mac too.. tested in chrome, firefox.. i tested in Safari and do see the problem.

let me take a quick look and see if I can find the problem

openstudy comments:

Ok cool, I'll come back and select you as the winner if we can get it figured out.

log: admin
pw: trashtrucks4ever

Dan | gteh comments:

Ok.. This is your problem:


this line:

#wrapper { padding:20px 10px; height:100%; overflow:hidden; }

Remove height:100%

take a backup first of course

Dan | gteh comments:

sorry rnwest is more correct.. height:auto instead of removing height

Dan | gteh comments:

Ok i logged in and fixed it

openstudy comments:

Tried removing that but didn't have any luck. I may have picked the wrong line of code. Are you confident you can fix it if you get in there?

Dan | gteh comments:

check it now.. I just fixed it by logging in to your wordpress admin

openstudy comments:

I'm still not seeing the full page content. Can you check out this page:

I've added a screenshot to show you what I'm seeing.