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For Hire: Templatic theme customizations WordPress


I'm using this Wordpress theme on my e-commerce website -

However, I need a couple of customizations which are a way too advanced for me. My site's not live yet, I need these extra things before launching -

The payment options in the theme I'm using are quite limited. In the checkout process, I need to add different shipping rates for different territories. The user needs to be able to choose from the following shipping options -

US $6
Canada $6
AUS $6
UK $5
EU $5
Non-EU $6
Everywhere else $6

Choosing the territory changes the shipping total/grand total in the checkout.

On top of that I need to add an additional $1 onto the shipping price for every additional item purchased ($1 flat price for every territory selected).

The other piece of functionailty needed is something along the lines of a global currency switcher, similar to this -

If you click on 'USD' next to the price on the right hand side, it brings up different currency options, and then displays the price in the selected currency. Your selected currency is then displayed on every page until you change it again (including the checkout/payment page). I need pretty much identical functionality on my site (although the UI would vary slightly).

I need the following currency options - US$, Canadian$, GBP£, Euro€, Australian$.

Would those things be doable? If so get in touch if any more info is needed, I can provide a more detailed description and any screenshots if needed.

Thanks for looking.

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Duncan O'Neill answers:

Hi Iain,

please send a more detailed description to my email, [email protected] , so that I can email you an estimate.