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FlexSlider 2 with Hashtag / External Link Support WordPress

Hello everybody!

I want to use the FlexSlider 2 on my website.

I want the slider to use for pictures from ONE post to show. In the past I used "FancyBox" for that. But now I want to have a direct link to every project with a own URL.

My site will be build like this one:
So you can see, that the projects will be seen directly with the whole series. That's why I wont need thumbnails in the slider itself. (or don't want them there). On this example website they use "FancyBox" again. So now every project does NOT have a specific link. That's why I want to use a slider on a own URL!

The problem now is that if you click on a specific picture that you also have to get to this specific picture on the new URL within the slider. So I need something like "hashtag-number" support for the slider. I found this one here:
But that one does not have "keyboard" and "touch" support AND (really important) is not responsible within size.

So I found a lot of stuff for the FlexSlider how to link directly into a specific slide. But I really need a small example.html because I just can copy&paste, I am not good enough for programming/coding that much.

Hope you understood my problem and can help me!
There will be a next step when I integrate that whole thing within wordpress with the links of the small pictures automaticly have the right "hashtag-number"...but one step after the other.

Thank you very much!

Answers (2)


Daniel Yoen answers:


I think, basicly you just need this :




<li><a href='.$slide_link.'>'.$img.'</a></li>';

and, remove "event.preventDefault();" in jquery.flexslider.js file

I attach jquery.flexslider.js file that has been modified, please give it a try.

also, please show me your query. :-)


Daniel Yoen comments:


Daniel Yoen comments:

ops, where my attachment. :-D

Daniel Yoen comments:

here this