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Flash Image Display Solution for Wordpress Post Gallery WordPress


I built this site on joomla 5 years ago. I am working on re-design it with wordpress mu. Click any image in site for checking flash image slider. Example page:

I want to use wordpress default post gallery for new system. You see there is 30-40 photo for 1 property so i want to use a flash image display solution for this. Thinking using atm. Example: Basically this one need attachment images calling with xml export i think.

If you didnt understand any section of my problem,feel free to ask here.
Thanks a lot for helping

Answers (5)


Jeff Owens answers:

I'm not totally clear on the question, but I think you're asking for a recommendation of a good plugin to use for the effect you're trying to achieve. Is that right?

Simpleviewer is nice. I've found the easiest way to use it within wordpress is to use the wp-simpleviewer plugin. It let's you simply upload the pictures and it takes care of generating the XML files. All configuration is done within Wordpress, which is another nice feature.

You can download it from:

(The link is in the sidebar at the left).

If that doesn't answer your question, can you give some more details on what you're looking for?

Ünsal Korkmaz comments:
this addon is not for wordpress default post gallery system.
its for ftp image upload or something. you need to create gallery not using post gallery system.


Dan Fraticiu answers:

Have a look at [[LINK href=""]]NextGen Gallery[[/LINK]], is an excelent image gallery integrated in WP, it doesn't use the default gallery system, but is easy to use, easier I might say.

I think you could use something like this: [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]] or
[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

Simpleview could be integrated with WP gallery, but not for 5$ ;)


Ünsal Korkmaz comments:

how much will it cost for integrate Simpleview to wp gallery?


Max answers:

Recently I used this solution:

NextGen Gallery + this plugin:

[[LINK href=""]]nextgen-flashviewer[[/LINK]]

It worked great :)

Hope this help


kjll kll answers:

Give this plugin a try... it works with the wordpress default post gallery.


Fredelig answers:

<strong>EDIT: I see now you are looking for a flash-solution. Ignore my answer... ;)</strong>

Another plugin you can try is:

Image Gallery Reloaded v0.6

This one also works with WordPress' default gallery feature.
(uses the thumbnail and medium sized pictures)

According to the author, he's working on v1.0 of the plugin which will be a complete re-write. :)