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Fix for 'question mark inside diamond' character bug in Plugin WordPress



I am using the following plugin from Gopi: Scroll Post Excerpt

The plugin works just fine, but there is one small problem. When the excerpt ends at the end of a word followed by a space (rather than simply ending in the middle of a word), the output is a white question mark inside of a black diamond. If the excerpt ends in the middle of a word, there isn't any problem.


1- In the html tab when viewing the post (the plugin pulls recent post excerpts from a selected category), there are no weird characters. Nothing was copied from word, that is not the issue. Also, as you can see from the print screen, it only happens if the excerpt ends at the end of a word.

2- The database is set to MySQL charset: UTF-8 Unicode (utf8), MySQL client version: 5.1.58

3 - This problem doesn't show up ANYWHERE else on the site. ONLY in the plugin output.

4 - I need a fix that will not just take care of the current black diamonds; it needs to make sure these don't happen in the future no matter if new posts are added.

Anyone have a solid working solution?

Answers (1)


Luis Cordova answers:

that is an EOL character, hmm I take the plugin can be adapted to solve this however since it is hebrew r2l can you pleaes provide access via private message? Thanks

Luis Cordova comments:

or you can add me to cordoval at

lifeblogs comments:

ok sending you now.

lifeblogs comments:

did you receive the info?

Luis Cordova comments:

yes working on it already

Luis Cordova comments:


lifeblogs comments:

:-) Wow, would love to know what you did! I kept trying to google how to fix it and just didn't know where to look. Do you mind explaining what you did? Thank you again!

Luis Cordova comments:

I replaced the limiting of words function and create my own, the one from the plugin did not really used proper functions, we did use proper function to limit the words with implode explode functions and got the right way, managing words rather than characters.

lifeblogs comments:

Amazing. I have a lot to learn. Thank you again.