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Fix broken membership plugin installation WordPress


I had some one install a membership plugin that required users to login to see certain pages. Well they had it working on their server and when I moved it to my server it stopped. They have disappeared into thin air and I have to fix this asap. Crazy thing is it still works on their server.

My server:

Their server: - click on playboi honies. you have to login or register. I need this to work again on my server!

Answers (4)


Luis Giménez answers:

Hi.. try to make a SQL search through phpmyadmin or any other sql tool to find if the plugin is pointing to their servers at some point.
Some plugins save the domain name in the database during the installation (wp also does that) and if you just migrated the installation by copying the files and the database, this is something to take care when migrating wp installations.
Try deleting the plugin and reinstalling it, maybe this fixes the problem.


Peter Michael answers:

Has this been fixed?

Fonz Morris comments:

No sir.


Daniele Raimondi answers:

Do you know the name of this plugin? However, try to put Wordpress in debug mode, and take a look at webserver logs.
Maybe you have a lower memory limit on your server?
If you give me some other details (and accesses to your WP installation) I can try to help you.


Oleg Butuzov answers:

25 per hour. minimum payment - one hour.

after you provide access i can fix this.