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Fix 8 issues for next WPFolio release WordPress


I've been working on the release of a theme and run out of time. I need help with 8 issues, some quite simple.

These are the issues:

Most have to do with feedback from WordPress when we last submitted the theme - fixing deprecated tags, adding new tags, etc. If you have any questions let me know.

The code is all in github and you can fork the project, make your changes and commit them, and submit them that way. That would be ideal. Otherwise posting here or sending via email is fine.

Ideally it would be great if one person could take on all of this and I could pay them for it. If the tasks get broken up, I need to figure out how much each person should get, which gets a little more messy but I'm willing to do it.

Answers (4)


Peter van der Does answers:

When is the deadline for these issues to be fixed?
Is the theme going to be for WordPress 3 and higher?

Steve Lambert comments:

The theme is for WP3 and higher yes. Deadline... sooner the better but not critically urgent. What are your thoughts?

Peter van der Does comments:

I'll work on it.


Rashad Aliyev answers:


I'm interested. Please send me an email what is the issues..

Steve Lambert comments:

they are listed in the link above.


vishu answers:

*sorry, mistakenly clicked on the answer button, couldn't delete it*


Tobias Nyholm answers:

If Peter van der Does has some problems I can assist..