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I'm using Headlines from Woothemes.

I want to use FeedWordPress (or whatever works) to post content from one site to another. The post content, categories etc come across fine however I cant get images to come across.

Here is what I mean:

The theme has the option to use Featured images or custom fields, however I cant get FeedWordPress to work with either image option.

It could be that the original feed isnt displaying images. I have control of that site to, how can I fix this?

Any help would be appreciated

Answers (2)


Hameedullah Khan answers:

There can be many reasons. You sure you have configured FeedWordpress properly? Does your theme uses featured Image or custom field? You said you have tried both, you sure you used the correct custom field if your theme uses it.

Also the source feed might not be adding images to the feed but you can find that out by viewing the feed in your browser.

May be FeedWordpress isn't properly fetching the images from the source site, have you checked it?

Conor comments:

The theme can use both featured images and custom fields.

Hameedullah Khan comments:

Did you confirm that source site is adding images to the feed? Also if FeedWordpress is fetching those images properly?


Conor comments:

Turns out you were correct. The feed did not actually have images in it. I've added them now and the plugin seems to be working.

Thanks mate


Ehthisham tk answers: