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Featured image in "Latest Slider Posts" widget of WPStore Theme WordPress


It only shows images from the products but I want to use it as slider for news. I created a category for news and I want to show the featured image of the news posts in the slider.


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Sébastien | French WordpressDesigner answers:

send me you index.php, i look at this


salut mrboo, envoie-moi ton fichier index.php, celui qui est dans le dossier de ton theme, je vais rectifier ça

Sébastien | French WordpressDesigner comments:

maildeseb |@|

Sébastien | French WordpressDesigner comments:

Go to the widget section :

In the first widget container ("Front page slider") you have a widget : "PT > Latest slider Posts"
If that's not the case, drag the widget "PT > Latest slider Posts" in this first container

In this widget you can choose the category you want display in the slider :-)

If your category "news" has the ID=77
you write 77 in the first field
and in the second field the number of posts to display
save the settings, and that's all

mrboo comments:

yes, I know but it doesn't show an image. I want to show the featured image of the post in the slider too. It shows images for the products but not for the posts.

Sébastien | French WordpressDesigner comments:

No, in your theme, an image is displayed only if it's a product.
And the image must be uploaded by the field "Product Image"
If you want to display an image and use "news" in the slider, you need a little developpement.

I can do that. My price is 40$

I 'm working about that now
When you will upgrade your price, i post the code

mrboo comments:

I have another team looking for a solution. I'm only paying 20$ because I'm doing this as a favor to a friend.


Sébastien | French WordpressDesigner comments:

no problem
if you change your mind, the code is ready

mrboo comments:

I can stop the other team if you want 20$.


Pali Madra answers:

There are multiple options (WordPress plugins) available that you can use

1. SH Slideshow

2. All-In-One Slideshow

3. WP Featured Content Slider

If you have any other questions or need clarifications please let me know.

Thanks and Regards,
Pali Madra


nabeel answers:

i can code it for you if not done yet.

mrboo comments:

It's not coded yet. Do you understand what I need?

nabeel comments:

can i see the current live version?

mrboo comments:

it's not online yet. you can see it here:


Lawrence Krubner answers:

The asker asked for a refund, and I sent them a refund, but I also think some people here put in some effort trying to answer, so I'm distributing $20 for the effort.