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Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded. WordPress


<blockquote>Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded in /var/www/web181/web/wp-includes/pomo/streams.php on line 38</blockquote>

I'm tired of this problem: some of the experts could please identify the plugin or plugins that generate this annoying error? I have the plugins installed that do not want to disable. If one of these plugins was the problem, the expert may find an alternative plugin that provides the same functions? If you were not the plugin to give this problem, the expert must still identify and resolve the problem. The blog is located to: Good work!

Answers (2)


Brian Richards answers:

While it probably is an issue with the theme or plugin that is causing this conflict, the reason it is an issue is due to your PHP configuration.

An easy solution, rather than attempting to sleuth out the culprit, would be to alter either your php.ini or your .htaccess file (depending on what you have access through via your host). Either of these files should exist at your web root (alongside wp-config.php) and will accomplish the same thing once edited.

<strong>Please note: this alteration needs to be made outside of wordpress, either via FTP or shell access.</strong>

If you have and can edit php.ini, find and alter max_execution_time = 90 and increase the value to max_execution_time = 300
If editing .htacess instead, add the line: php_value max_execution_time 300
(note you only need to do one, not both)

More on max_execution_time:
<blockquote>The max_execution_time variable sets the maximum number of seconds PHP will wait for a script to finish executing before forcibly terminating it. This comes in handy when your script spirals into an infinite loop. However it can trip you up if you have a legitimate activity that takes time to complete—for example, a large file upload. In such situations you should consider increasing this value to avoid having PHP shut down your script when it's in the middle of something important.</blockquote>
(via [[LINK href=""]]TechRepublic[[/LINK]])

Hope this helps!

mothernatur3s0n comments:

Im a newbie, if possible i prefer that you can access to my blog and solve directly the problem. If you interested to fix it please send me ur email and i able you one account on my blog and the info for ftp access. Regards

mothernatur3s0n comments:

I want that my blog are very fast and without this boring problem.

Brian Richards comments:

I've sent you a direct message with my e-mail address. I'll be happy to FTP in and offer a hand.


Erez S answers:

where do u see that error? and try to add this line to your functions.php Ini_set(‘ max_execution_time’,0); and if that doesnt work try to disable your plugins and then to see if there is still problem

Erez S comments:

i just checked the issue and the problem caused because the translation files,so you should delete thd translation files of your plugins and see if it work

Erez S comments: try it

Erez S comments:

read this discussion and you will understand what cause the problem

Erez S comments:

Here is what you should do: Disable all of your plugins and check if the error still there(it should'nt be there),and then activate the first plugin and check if there is still eror,if not,activate the second plugin and then the third until you see the error,and when you see the error,delete the language files of the plugin that cause the problem and it should work. If you want to have the plugin translated to your language then ask the plugin maker for a good version of the langauge files. Hope that will work