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Fatal Error: Need to be fixed right now! WordPress


I got this error message when I tried activating another theme.
Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Social_Widget in /home/brycey/public_html/wp-content/themes/newzeo/include/widget.php on line 92

Also, there's another error message whenever I upload images or update my entries.

Please help immediately.

Answers (3)


Navjot Singh answers:

Most probably a plugin is using the same class somewhere. Try disabling each plugin one by one and check when this error goes. Are you using this plugin by any chance - Social Media Widget? Disable it then.

miclillace comments:

Yes, I am using a social media widget, just installed it yesterday. How can I disable it? I can't get through my dashboard.

Navjot Singh comments:

Rename the social-media-widget folder by going to your wp-content/plugins/ directory via FTP or your hosting's control panel and the plugin will get deactivated automatically.

miclillace comments:

Yes, it worked! Thank you so so much!


Jatin Soni answers:

This may means you are re declaring the class called Social_Widget in widget.php file in your theme/include

So open your widget.php file and go to line 92 and fine Social_widget in entire file it should be declared more than onetime may be in widget.php or some other file too.

Also plugin can cause this issue too. So while switching the theme try to turn off all plugins and check.

miclillace comments:

Ok... um, the thing is, php is alien language to me. I am a graphic designer and a total newbie to blogging so I have no idea how to troubleshoot anything. I honestly don't even know how to go to line 92 without literally counting the lines.

Would it be possible to check it yourself? I am willing to pay $10...

I'm that desperate... :)


Plugarized answers:

You can disable all plugins through PHPmyadmin which edits the database directly.

Here is the query you have to run in phpmyadmin.

UPDATE wp_options SET option_value = '' WHERE option_name = 'active_plugins';

Alternatively, you can delete the social widget plugin located in