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FONT Style Question: .tff vs. Webfont and using it on the site WordPress


Gentlemen, start your engines:

My company font brand is RYAN BT (Bitstream). When my company name appears on anything, it appears in the branded font style.

However, as for posts and content on my website, I cannot seem to get a straight answer as whether I need to use .tff format or webfont.

The font (I have the license) is in a .tff format. I have no interest in spending more $$ on a webfont, but if I can't use the .tff font, I'll have to buy the webfont.

Either way, I need to know how to get the font to the place it needs to be in the programming so I am able to use it on the website.

Right now, the site is able to format in some fonts (google webfonts), so somewhere on the site there is code that recognizes font styles and applies them.

So, the questions at hand are:

(a) do I need to buy webfonts or can I use .tff format for the content on my site and posts
(b) how do I get the site to recognize the RYAN font so I can use it?

Note: I am not a programmer, do not know html or css, so keep answers simple or use examples.

Thanks in advance.

Answers (3)


Gabriel Reguly answers:

Hi Johnny,

The following can help you: [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]


Gabriel Reguly comments:

Those guys seems to be very good for fonts: [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

Edit: Sorry, I see Adobe just acquired them - not sure what it would mean to you ;-)


bdunzer answers:


The TTF font you have is not licensed for web font usage. If you got back to the page you will see that they charge $29 for a basic web font license of 10K page views a month.

With that license you will receive the multiple versions of font formats you will need to support web fonts. Not all browsers support TTF. IE for instance prior to version 9 required an EOT file and now support after 9 supports WOFF file formats.

Services like WebINK (mine), Typekit, Fontdeck and's offer to host and rent you the font for a small fee.

However, you say you dont know HTML or CSS. This is going to be a problem as you are going to have to do some simple changes to your site to make this work.


JohnnyRambler comments:

Thank you for your candid, straightforward reply. I suspected this was going to require some professional help.


Romel Apuya answers:


sent you a PM.
i can help you with this.


Romel Apuya comments:

a: i think you need not buy new webfonts.
b: i can help you do this one.