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Export WooCommerce products in their entirety WordPress

Currently I am using the WooCommerce Import Suite plugin they offer on their site, but it does not export products in their entirety.

For example the majority of products are "Composite Products" with multiple compositions set up but none of that date gets exported, so when I go to import the information their are only set to be simple products.

Here are links to better describe the products:

They show the product type and is an example of what is not being exported.

Essentially I am looking for a plugin or way to export them in so that none of the product configurations are left out, so when I Import them everything is set.

Answers (4)


Navjot Singh answers:

Try this?

Rory Heaney comments:

Hey Navjot, It appears as though I need to export the custom fields as well.

Navjot Singh comments:

You can try a generic CSV exporter? This should be able to handle complex fields as well.


JayDeep Nimavat answers:


you can try this for woo product export/import :

and if you are thinking for custom field export/import from CSV you can try :

you may also like :


Gabriel Reguly answers:

Hi Rory,

This surely will help you: [[LINK href=""]]

Rory Heaney comments:

Currently trying this.

I may have spoken to soon, the version of woocommerce is before the major update while the new store has the latest version. Could be what is causing the errors in data as the tables probably dont match up


Ian Lincicome answers:

Actually, I have come across a very similar issue with importing products before rather than exporting and none of the free plugins provide support for product variations(which I assume is what you mean by "Composite Products"). Normally to get this feature for either importing or exporting of products you'd have to pay more for a plugin add-on or have a custom plugin made. I have built 2 such custom plugins recently if you would like my help with that. Just let me know. Here is a post I posted on my blog that explains the general issue: maybe that will help.