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Eventon Google Maps / Theme conflict WordPress


I am having issues identifying a conflict between the Eventon plugin and my theme which corrupts an embedded Google Map.

Expand the event <strong>EAT, SIP, PAINT! @ OASIS BY THE RIVER LEARN TO PAINT, THE FUN WAY!</strong>

The embedded Google Map (See attached) doesn't load correctly nor the zoom icons load correctly.

However, the Google Map displays fine on when I activate the 2012 Theme >

So I can only think it is either a JS or CSS conflict.

I need assistance finding what the conflict is an a method to fix it.

Answers (2)


Reigel Gallarde answers:

add this css somewhere...

.evo_metarow_gmap img { max-height: none; }

or this css

.gm-style img { max-height: none; }

parksey18 comments:

Fantastic, thank you.


2510506 answers:

please check pm