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Estimate for some custom query template code + Database stuff WordPress

I have a project that is a little over my head in terms of WP development but still manageable, working directly with the database is something I am not familiar with and would rather have it done right. I guess it would work much like developing a plugin but it requires no interface or admin.

The setup:

I need to have a custom script ( probably php) that will import data into a new table in the WordPress database. This is on a daily or weekly basis ( cron job) and imported from a .csv or comma separated .txt file.

I then need some custom template code most likely using WordPress's $wpdb class. I will be making the custom template and styles, so I just need the code to query the database.

An example to make this easier to understand would be:

I have .txt files with 200 cars listed by serial number. There are 10-75 values per car ( name, color, year, pictures, etc, etc).

Some of the custom query code I need for my templates would include:

1. Each "car" would have it own page with the relevant values ( color, name, photos,etc). The values will have to be in some cases styled differently. This would be automated, any new entries in the database ( for instance new cars added through .txt file weekly) would create a new page.

2. Display data for all "cars". This would be for a category page that displays all the "cars" and 2-3 values with a permalink. For instance for browsing a listings of "cars".

3. A Drop down select to browse "cars" by a value. For instance a drop down that has price range, upon selection it outputs all the relevant listings.

That is the just of it, there would very likely be more bits and peices that require a custom query.

I am looking for someone who has experience creating and querying a custom word-press database table, and an approximate price range.

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Josh Emans answers:

So essentially you're looking for a car DB that can be imported from a csv. Then you can query that db from a Wordpress Template. Is that right? How would the csv be there? Uploaded to a dir, and the cron job watches the dir?