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Error when trying to access Appearance--->Menus WordPress


I'm getting this error when trying to get to the "Appearance, Menu" dashboard:

atchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /home/user/ on line 445

the error isn't occurring anywhere else. thoughts?

Answers (3)


Maor Barazany answers:


1. Try to deactivate all plugins and see if the problem disappeared.
2. If not, try to switch to default 2010 WP theme.
3. If not, check with your host that the register_globals is set to off.


Michael Fields answers:

Hi Patrick,

This usually happens when you have added a term of a custom taxonomy as a menu item and then removed the code that registers the custom taxonomy. Have you deleted any plugins lately? Perhaps you had a theme installed that registered a custom taxonomy and you recently switched themes. In any case, what you need to do here is to re-register the custom taxonomy so that you can remove it from the menu system. This error should go away once this is completed.

I have reported this error to the testers list. Not sure if there will be a patch for it.



Denzel Chia answers:

Hi Patrick,

This could happen if you remove a custom post type or custom taxonomy, without removing the menu item that is using it.

This could also happen if a menu item of custom post or custom taxonomy is not removed and you switched to a new theme.


Patrick MacAdams comments:

I updated a plugin, which previously did have a custom post type in the menu. Is there a way to access the menu and remove those old custom posts from the menu without having access to the menu interface?

Denzel Chia comments:


I don't know how to do that.

But I have a suggestion.
download your newly updated plugin and keep it.
Install back the old plugin and remove all those menu items, then delete the plugin and reinstall back new updated plugin.