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Error establishing a database connection in multisite. WordPress


My version of wordpress is 3.0.4. I work in multisite mode. I have 6 blogs and everything is fine but it's been several days since I cannot add a new blog.

I can't login : <strong>Error establishing a database connection</strong>.

In my database <strong>any new table appears</strong> with the prefix wp_X_.

There's just a new record in the table wp_blogs for my new site previously created.

I tried disabling all networking plugin, repared the database with WP-DBManager but the problem remains.

I <strong>can create the tables manually</strong> by duplicating and configure the options table, it works but it is not practical.
Have you ever encounter this problem?

What thing could block the creation of a new site knowing that <strong>it worked before</strong>.

Answers (2)


Sébastien | French WordpressDesigner answers:

could you send me your login access please, and i look at that.
My email is maildeseb @ gmail . com

Benjamin DC comments:

Bonjour Sébastien tu es français moi aussi cela va me faciliter la tâche. Je t'envoie un accès rapidement par mail.


Just Me answers:

did you check your settings in wpconfig.php? Maybe your database name/user/password got changed.

If you create new databases, is there a limit set to the number of databases you are allowed to use?

Benjamin DC comments:

I use the same database for all the blog of my network only the prefix table change.

Benjamin DC comments:

The other blogs of my network work fine. My error is just for the new blog I created