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Embed Stock Quote for Stock on the OTCBB. WordPress


I'm wanting to embed an auto-updating stock quote for OTCBB:ETAH on my wordpress web page. Something close to this would be great or just stock info with a graph (news not required).

I cannot figure out a way to do this! It seems only the NSE and NASDAQ are widely supported. Thanks!

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Dbranes answers:


you could try this chart embedding service for "etah"

[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

ps: some other options:

a) The site you mentioned is using this embed:

<!-- Start of Multi-Channel QuoteModule Code -->
<script LANGUAGE="javascript" TYPE="text/javascript" src="^COMPX&mktsymbols=QQQQ&mktsymbols=^SP500&mktsymbols=^NYA&mktsymbols=^RUI&mktsymbols=^RUT&mainpageStatExchange=OTC&mainpageStatExchange=NSD&mainpageStatExchange=NYE&hiddenTabs=options&hiddenTabs=history&hiddenTabs=profile&statExchange=OTC&advCharts=on&targetsym=symbol&streamerURL="></script>
<!-- End of Multi-Channel QuoteModule Code -->

so you might check out, if you want the same embed. (most likely not free)

b) You can also check out [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

Here is a list of all covered exchanges

c) If you are allowed to hotlink the graph

you could try:

<img src="" alt="etah">


d) You could also try this graph:

<img src="" alt="etah">

here is ibm graph in comparison:

<img src="" alt="ibm">

e) fetch the stock data from some stock source, it will need some programming.