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Email Multisite Admins WordPress

I'd like to email site admins only with important system updates on a smallish multisite.

I don't really want an externally managed solution.

Is there a simple plugin that will do just that and not much more?

Basically enter a Subject and a Message, then click Send in Plain Text.

Answers (1)


Francisco Javier Carazo Gil answers:


I recommend you use this one: (still beta but you can use it and update when the stable version release).

You will have to create a group of users and send the mail or the post mail directly.


philip comments:

This would only work if the users were all registered on a specific site on the multisite install, which I guess I could enforce.

Doesn't look like I can pick out the admins only though, exporting them aside.

Francisco Javier Carazo Gil comments:


You can filter admins by the level of users:

<?php $user_info = get_userdata(1);
echo 'User level: ' . $user_info->user_level . "\n";

You can change: emu2_send_group_mail.php and implement your own send_admin.php with this function:

$recipients = EMU2_get_recipients_from_roles($send_roles, $user_ID, EMU2_ACCEPT_MASS_EMAIL_USER_META);

philip comments:

Thanks for this.

Any other ideas that would substantially meet the requirement, but without touching the code are welcome.