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Edit this PHP code to list taxonomy terms by letter WordPress


I have some existing PHP code that successfully lists all terms in a custom taxonomy by letter:

It cycles through A, B, C, D etc, and also custom characters, like '('.

However, it doesn't give me enough control over the output. Instead, I'd like to limit it to one letter, and I can then repeat the block of code and change the letter accordingly so that I can control the positioning of each letter on the page.

So I need to:

* Limit this plugin to the letter 'A', for example. I'd then repeat this code block and just change 'A' -> 'C'
* Also output a list of any terms that don't start with a letter from A -> Z. So this will include all the numbers and brackets, punctuation etc. This is just a catch-all so that any non-alphabetical terms can still be displayed.


Answers (1)


Julio Potier answers:


i was the guy so i'm on it ;)

Jon comments:

Hey Julio! Looking forward to it.

Julio Potier comments:

Chec this out :

Julio Potier comments:

Screenshot of my example joined here.