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Edit my Wordpress Theme CSS WordPress


I need to make a few edits to my wordpress theme and need some help. The domain is and the theme i am using is Fullscreeen.

Edits I need help with:
1. In the Grey Nav Bar... I'd like to make all of the backgrounds Grey. So the boxes around each "TEXT" link I want to be the same #888888 grey but cannot find where to do this.

It says in the CSS file:

/* Menu CSS */
@import url( 'css/superfish.css' );

2. I need to make the arrows white with no line border

3. I'd like to make the font of the menu and the "Allie & Eric Tie the Knot March 3, 2012" white - this is the blog description

4. I would like to change the font of "ZigZog Wedding" or the blog title

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!!

Answers (2)


Gabriel Merovingi answers:

1. Locate the css file superfish.css (in themes/fullscreen/css/). On line 90 change background: black; to background: #888888;

2. Which arrows are you referring too?

3. Locate the css file style.css (in themes/fullscreen/). On line 34 change #masthead .description, #branding .descriptions color from the gray to white.

4. Same file, on line 32 locate #masthead h2, #branding h2 and add the font-family you wish to use.

Allie H comments:

I am referring to the arrows in the image attached. Can you also advise on where to change the size of the menu items and drop down items.