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Donate Plus - not sending follow up email or redirecting to page WordPress


I have Donate Plus 1.85 installed on my WP 3.5 website.

I am receiving donations into my PayPal account fine, but the plugin is failing in two ways:

1. It does not send the person a follow up email (I want to say thanks)
2. It does not redirect the person to a webpage after donating (I want it to go to a thank you page)

It has backend fields for the "Thank You Message" and redirect webpage, it just is not working.

Can you you fix this? Here is a link to the plugin I am using:

Answers (1)


Jamie answers:

The email issue may be solved by changing the way WordPress handles emails. I think there is a function called wp_mail that wordpress uses. You might try an email plugin. Try this one for example

as for the other issue. That may be a problem with the exact plugin code itself which would require much more time to fix or it could be an issue with you not putting in the correct information for the thank you page in your admin area. In any case. In order to fix this issue, one would need access to your files and the plugin itself. It is almost impossible to replicate an error on my own WordPress install since I am not running the exact plugins you are and I would not be running the same theme. A plugin problem could be many things.