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Domain Aliase WordPress


Hi! I did a new wp-installation on my server with the url '', then I did creat a domain alias to reach the site '' as long i'm working on it.

Now all functions are workink but it's not directing to the right css an js, it's still leading to ''.

Is it a problem of the settings or the provider?

The original domain runs on a diffrent server.


Answers (1)


John Cotton answers:

Are you sure that the old domain is not hard coded in header.php?

Also, have you changed the domain on the Dashboard > Settings > General page?

Finally, it could be something left in the database (perhaps by the theme) in which can you need to have a look at the theme settings or dig into the database itself. If you'd only just started, it won't be very big.

Simone Fuchs comments:

Hi, I did checked the database again and yes, there was still the old url in wp-options.

I did change the url and now it's all working. When I'm done, I can just change the url back again and all the files and links have the corect (new) address?

John Cotton comments:

Not quite...

Anything that's in the theme that comes from functions (eg get_bloginfo(), get_stylesheet_directory_uri() etc will be fine.

But media uploads and any links you hard code in posts will have to be changed as those are in database tables which don't get updated.

Generally it's the wp_posts table that needs updating and a simple SQL REPLACE statement does the job.