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Disqus integration into a web site WordPress

Hi, I own a political site and we are trying to integrate Disqus comments better into the site. We just added the plugin, however, we want to also display comments on the front page.

This is more of a theme edit rather than a simple integration. I have seen that several handled a similar integration a year ago.


Hire someone to do this, and pay that person to do the work

Have disqus comments visible on the front page as a LOGO / and number of comments - but not the full number of comments. I like how does it. A portion of the post shows, and they have a DISCUSS and TWITTER link at the bottom of the front page portion of the post. I would like something similarly visible on the front page, except at the start of my post.

Additionally: I would like to show on the front page the first five posts (through the post break), then maybe 20 headlines only very nicely formatted below that - each with Discuss Links and number of comments.

My site is (Yes, a political site in opposition to Obama. We have been around for more than three years, and respectfully and firmly oppose obama. You don't have to agree with us, as we are looking for a great coder to help.) We also own about 1200 other sites that are stock related, so we have a lot of work for those that can help. and are some of our other sites.



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Mariano Pereyra answers:

I'm available for work. Mail me developer [at]

John Pentony comments:

I have Mariano now working on this. Thanks to all others. I will award this as soon as he is sure he has the solution and can do it.

Thanks to all.