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Displaying and editing a list of users by field or group WordPress


Hi Guys

I need to create a membership site where on registration users get assigned to a group depending on a specific group they choose from a drop down field. Then a special Group Admin assigned to a specific group should be able to view and edit these group users but not the others.

ie. Say there are three groups, Group One, Group Two and Group Three.

Group One admin can view a 'Members Page' and see a list of Group One users only and not the others, Group Two admin sees only Group Two users and Group Three only sees Group Three users.

Then back to the registration process, I need to generate a sequential CLIENT CODE that is unique to all new users. On paying for membership/course completion users get access to a page that displays all thier meta data and their unique client code. This page will be styled like a certificate and can be printed.

So to sum up i need a plugin or something for this process:

• Admin adds Group Admins;
• Admin and Group Admins add Members;
• Admin has access to all Members
• Group Admins only have access to thier specific Group Members;
• Group members only have access to a custom profile page/certifcate on payment and/or course completion;
• New members need to be assigned a unique and sequential client code

You can email me or chat if you require further details.

Answers (2)


Tom Ransom answers:

This can be done with a plugin and using roles/capabilities. It would take a couple of days to complete.

Daryl Glass comments:

Hi Tom

Would you be able to do this?
If so, please will you send a cost estimate to [email protected]


Tom Ransom comments:

In your inbox


Jarret Minkler answers:

So yeah this isn't what I thought before after reading more.

What is wordpress's role in all of this? Why as a wordpress solution?

Daryl Glass comments:

Hi Jarret

Sorry, I didn't know how to get all that summed up in one sentence.

I needs to be WP cause the set is already set up...well mostly... and the client is not too web savvy and I think WP is the easiest and most cost effective CMS solution for them.

Can you help with this?

Jarret Minkler comments:

WP is not CMS its blogging software

Daryl Glass comments:

I know it's traditionally a blogging platform, but for this purpose it's fine. It has content and it can be managed by them. Simple.

Thanks for your input.