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Display applicants list on page from Job Manager plugin WordPress


Hi there,

I need to add a feature to the Job Manger plugin. I want to display a list with the applicants (people that sent their resumes) so visitors can see the people looking for jobs. My idea is to have the list of applicants in a matrix layout (see attached for example). The fields that I want are the same from the pic, which they can be created easily on the backend. The list will be placed on a regular page, so as shortcode would be great.


Answers (1)


Luis Cordova answers:

nice idea, so what is your wp question?

zilli comments:

Which point isn't clear?

Luis Cordova comments:

what is your wp question?

zilli comments:

This website is only about WordPress core, is that are you saying? So, everything that is related to themes and plugins are off, right?