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Not a typical question but a legitimate one.

A client of mine has brought a marketer on board and he suggested using 'Digital Access Pass' for membership access on the client's site. This marketer seems like the typical greasy marketer from the pass so I'm a little sceptical about his methods.

I'm just looking for an honest opinion about 'Digital Access Pass' plugin for WordPress. Have you used it? What are your thoughts? And, what would set this plugin apart from BuddyPress? I have my own opinions about what direction to take my client but I'd just like to hear from the community.

Thanks for your time.


Answers (2)


ArtK answers:

Hey Denis,

Not sure what is sleazy about recommending a plug-in, unless they are the creators of it. Anyways, I think DAP is great, BUT, what is your client going to use it for? Just to create a membership log in? If so, You can use something like wishlist for a whole lot less money. There are even some free plug-ins out there for that simple task.

Also, how tight does your client need his doors locked shut so people can't steal his product/info? DAP has a lot of safety features to prevent that. It has shopping carts included. Auto affiliate generation for members. Eventually, you will be able to eliminate the need for aweber (so you can do one-click subscribes), as that's a service they are developing (the emailer is about 2/3 the way there now).

Your best bet is to look at , and decide it any or all of that would be beneficial for your client.

Again, if you just want to start a no frills membership site, wishlist is well respected.

Sorry, I know nothing about BuddyPress.


Denis Leblanc comments:

Hi Art,

Thanks for the info.

What my client needs is a plugin that can drip content to it's members. So, if a user subscribes to a 'program' and becomes a 'member', an article every week would get 'dripped' to that particular member starting from the subscription date.

Please avoid taking offense, nothing personal here, just venting. There's nothing sleazy about recommending a plugin, that's not what I was implying. What I was implying is that this marketer seems to have a bit of an ancient practice that doesn't apply to this day and age. He's been working for my client for over a year now and none of his suggestions have been beneficial in any way. If he(marketer) had it his way our client would have a typical 1980's heavy marketing website with center justified text, bright red headings, and 'CLICK HERE NOW' buttons after every paragraph that just rambles on about the same 'solutions' over and over again. I'm just tired of seeing the same old marketing tactics that just don't apply anymore. Conversion rates might be great, if you're over 60 and it's your first time on the internet.


ArtK comments:

Lol and no offense taken. DAP does the drip feed. see:

But so does wish list. I believe WL is under $100. It does this as well, and is used by a large portion of the IM community.

a Single site license is 167 for DAP, but they offer a membership in a box which includes in it a Concierge service (they set it all up for him in his website, everything he needs, drip, sales funnel, additional upsell plug-ins , set up affiliate acceptance, etc) for $497) and can be used for how ever many sites he may have.

This matters more on his budget, and tech expertise. Both will work.

I thought enough of DAP to buy it, but I'm building everything out from scratch right now. If you client already has customers/buyers/subscribers and is getting good traffic. I say get it, go the Membership in a Box route ($500) so that it's set up the way it's supposed to be (no excuses by the creators if there is an issue). Here is exactly what the concierge service provides: say this only because if he's not happy, there is a 30 day guarantee. Have him purchase it thru both paypal and his credit card for extra insurance.

I'm not a tech guy, so I prefer it done right the first time so I don't lose weeks of productivity.


Francisco Javier Carazo Gil answers:


I have been using BuddyPress for two years and I only recommend you it if you are interested in provide social funcions to your members: groups, private messages, friends, etc.

If you don't need it, BP is too heavy. You could use this one: