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Customisation of this template WordPress

I'm very interested in purchasing this template but I require a quote to customise it slightly to my needs. Please see link to Template I require customisation:

For the blog thumb nail images can the user resize them. I checked your short-codes for the thumbs and unfortunately there not what I need.

1. Can these sizes be configured to any size or are they resized automatically

2. Can the user have variable thumb sizes like landscape or portrait example link

3. As much as I love the frames and shadows can these be removed (fussy client)

4. Can the videos sit in the same wire frame as the thumb nail images on blog page?
Fantastic template and very impressed with your testimonials.

I would like a quote to customise the template link I have supplied to my 4 question.
Thank you in advance

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Rashad Aliyev answers:


I can attempt it.

best regards,