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Custom Meta Box for Plugin WordPress


I am building an SEO plugin. I would like my plugin to add a custom meta box to both my pages AND my posts.

The meta box should be divided into these tabs: General, Advanced, Social
(The plugin includes CSS for tabs in the mytheme-options.css file; this can be used for the meta box tabs if that makes it easer...)

The general tab should include these labeled inputs:
Title (text box)
Description (text area)
Keywords (text box)

<strong>Please update the plugin file and provide it to me [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]</strong>

I will ask for more things to be added to the other tabs in another question to provide more opportunity for users to make money. The next prizes will be higher.

Answers (2)


Ryan S answers:

Have you tried this one "" this allows you to easily add any Custom Meta fields.

Hope that helps

siouxfan45 comments:

I'm looking for somebody to answer while meeting the requirements.
1. Add the tabs
2. Put the meta box in the plugin itself, not in a theme's functions.php

Ryan S comments:

If you can give the suggested price then email me I can do this for you, btw the custom meta above is not only for theme.

siouxfan45 comments:

I am not interested in paying $20 for this, I can do it myself for that. I'll let somebody else take the question, thanks though.


Balanean Corneliu answers:

why you don't download and take a look how is made this one