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Custom CSS clean up needed WordPress


Hello, i am in need of some quick help. I am using the X theme and am trying to get some custom css set up to get a slider to show up behind the header. I got it to work on the first page but subsequent pages do not show the same header and body layouts. The test site is here
and the main page is working like I would want it to but the rest are all a bit different. I need to make sure that any additional pages that I may add in the future will lay out properly. I am sure i have some conflicting CSS that is causing this and have listed the CSS that I added below. I need someone to help me clean this up!

Current custom CSS used:
.site, .x-logobar {
background-color: transparent;
.site > .x-container.max {
background-color: #f6d8c0;

.x-navbar-fixed-top-active .masthead {
position: absolute;
top: 0;
width: 100%;

.x-topbar {
border: none;

.x-logobar {
border-bottom: none !important;

.x-navbar {border-bottom-color: ##ffffff !important; box-shadow: none !important;}

.x-navbar-fixed-top, .x-navbar-fixed-left, .x-navbar-fixed-right {
position: relative !important;

Answers (2)


Rempty answers:

body.home .x-main.full{

movino4me comments:

while that gives me some top padding in the body it still does not fix that all pages are not resolving the same. For instance the Trade Page and Who Is pages still have a white body though the theme is set to a body color of rgb(255, 254, 242). I realize i also need to get rid of the line under the header.

Rempty comments:

add this to fix the background-color.

background-color:rgb(255, 254, 242)!important;

If you want delete the border
border-bottom: none !important;

Don't forget clear cache

movino4me comments:

excellent! Great Job


2510506 answers:

please check pm