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Custom Buttons needed WordPress


does anyone know the easiest way to get these icons (picture attached) or icons I choose into each post I select with a different link to each one.

A plugin would be best where I can insert a link to each icon which would be different from each post.

But some html code which i need to change the links each new post would be OK.

I tried to insert each image side by side at the bottom of each post but they came out staggered, and even though they are PNG images the image was a white background and I dont know why.



Answers (1)


Duncan O'Neill answers:

Try inserting them into the post with left alignment, this should solve the problem with staggering.

inmcr comments:

OK Thanks, that has worked and I have done a test page

Although it has only solved one issue.

How do I get rid of the white border form around the icons.

Duncan O'Neill comments:

Try this at the bottom of your style.css in your theme's folder;

.dws_single_article a img {background:none;}

inmcr comments:

Perfect. Thankyou