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Curious about a Facebook Plugin WordPress


I was wondering whether there currently exists a plugin that will take Facebook posts and automatically publish them to your Wordpress site. I know Facebook Connect and various others will do the opposite (publish your Wordpress posts to Facebook). If there isn't, I'm looking for a quote to create a plugin that will create Wordpress posts automatically from Facebook posts. I'm looking specifically for a Wordpress post to be created by a Facebook post- not just a FB feed widget.

Facebook to Wordpress, not Wordpress to Facebook.

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Francisco Javier Carazo Gil answers:

Hi Patrick,

I don't know but if it must use XMLRPC. I'm going to look for.

Francisco Javier Carazo Gil comments:

Here: [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]], they talk about displaying Facebook statuses on WordPress blog.

It could be useful for you.

Francisco Javier Carazo Gil comments:

You can take a RSS feed and integrate into your blog.
1. Show posts in your Facebook page via RSS:
2. To include them in your blog with ( o without a plugin (