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Creating a Jobs forum with bbpress WordPress


<em>After my other question wasn't so popular, i'm changing it to another project.</em>

I would like to know how i can achieve to create a jobs forum where you must pay for putting in jobs vacancies in bbpress. Does anyone have any tips and tricks for doing this or have done similar things before?

So we say somebody, a company wants to make a job opening and want to publish this in our forum. We say they must pay 40 bucks for 1 month. i would like something similar to this:

They can pay through a woocommerce, everything goes on for the most automatic, the only thing the admin must do is klick on ok to approve it.

Answers (1)


Bob answers:

can not understand your question completely.

but I think whatever you want to do can be achieved with css.

can you paste url of website here?

Veritus comments:

Sorry my friend, i have already fixed this issue. Nobody answered. But you maybe have another answer for me. I'm looking for a widget that features the latest photo upload for buddypress? I have seen many differents widgets that takes on avatars,latest member, activity,groups and so on but not photos.

Best Regards

Bob comments:

May be using code on this link you can create your own widget

[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

Bob comments:

this gallery says that it has <em>Flexible Sitewide gallery widgets</em> so may be it can be helpful to you.

[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

Veritus comments:

have you tried out bp-gallery? I'm using right rt-media basic right know but i think 150 $ is quite expensive for the pro version. BP-gallery have a more attractive price for Membership at 30$ and you can unsubscribe anytime.. But they don't have any demo av bp-gallery and their widget so it's difficult to know..what do you think?