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Creating Spaces Between Lines on my Home Page... WordPress


... or any page or post for that matter.

For the record, I am not a programmer in any way shape or form, so keep all answers simple and step-by-step.

If you pop over to [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]] you'll see the problem: there are no spaces between the lines and the whole thing looks jammed together like someone sat on it.

The formatting is just godawful.

As a start, how do I get some space between the lines?

Answers (3)


Sébastien | French WordpressDesigner answers:

the style seems ok
could you verify that you're looking your page as the page i can see :
[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

if you're lokking your page with another appearence, could you tell me what is your browser

JohnnyRambler comments:

We're seeing the same thing.

Sébastien | French WordpressDesigner comments:

ok ! :-)
So the space between lines seems ok...
if you want more space it's easy :
go to :

search this lines

div.entry-content {
color: #5C5C5C;
font-family: arial,sans-serif;
font-size: 13px;
line-height: 170%;

increase 170%

and save

that's all...

JohnnyRambler comments:

Sorry Sebastien, but I cannot find file=/themes/headway-208/style.css&dir=style anywhere.

Alas, another "easy" fix that in the end isn't easy.

Appreciate the effort, but it's a fail.


Just Me answers:

Your webdesigner did a 'bad' job to say it mildly, by adding the style to the HTML code.
The idea of CSS is keeping HTML code (the content) and CSS (the styling) separated. This makes it easier to edit one without damaging the other, and of course to keep things uniform in an easy way.

What he should have done was provide a class or id name in the HTML and then define the details of that class or id in the CSS file.

Something like:

in your HTML
<div class="myText">Any text you like</div>

in your CSS
color: red;

What Sebastien suggests by increasing the line height, is to have more room between lines but won't give extra space between blocks of text.

The best way to go is start from scratch but I doubt you want that.

What should work is add
at any position in your text where you want to have an empty line.

I am not sure how you entered your text but if it is in the Post/Page Editor of WordPress be sure to change the view to HTML first (instead of Visual). You will find the tab at the right upper corner of the text-editor field.

I guess that is all I can do for $2. Good luck!

JohnnyRambler comments:

Congrats to Just Me for providing the correct answer on the spacing! Double kudos for identifying the overall problem with the initial programming on the site.

Just Me comments:

just noticed one error in the code I provided.
it should be <div>&nbsp;</div> (mark the / )


Luis Cordova answers:

leave or do a breakline (leave an empty line between paragraphs)

if that does not work then it is configuration, or styling

if it is configuration a plugin like p auto or something like that can help

if it is styling we have to worok on your style.css file please provide access login via private message to fix it

hope that helps!

Luis Cordova comments:

it seems you are formatting all with div tags as well, that is not good practice

<div align="left"><strong>Azaziel&nbsp;</strong>– Takes on famous personas, like Edgar Allen Poe or Marilyn Monroe. &nbsp;Either he’s escaping himself–or just loves pissing off his domineering mother.</div>

should be just

<strong>Azaziel&nbsp;</strong>– Takes on famous personas, like Edgar Allen Poe or Marilyn Monroe. &nbsp;Either he’s escaping himself–or just loves pissing off his domineering mother.

JohnnyRambler comments:

Leaving an "empty line" between paragraphs did nothing.

Have no idea what p auto plugin is or means or does.

Looks like a style.css file issue.

Where do I find the style.css file, what is a style.css file, and what do I look for when I get there?

Luis Cordova comments:

send me access info, it is a combined thing because the way you are inserting your markup indicates either there is a plugin, this is a custom page

JohnnyRambler comments:

Oh, I had a 'web designer' put this together for me, so I have no idea what a div tag is or whether or not it is good practice. I am not a programmer and don't want to have to become one just to update my webpage from time to time.

Would be happy to get this straightened out and simplified since it strikes me this should be much easier than it is to edit and change.

There are thousands of WP websites. It can't be this much of a hassle to make changes.

Thanks in advance.