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Creating Facebook style Photo Albums in Sterling theme WordPress


Hello folks,

I had a user from this site helping me with this project only to later be told that he didn't want to help me with it half way through...

So, here I am! I am using a modified version of Sterling theme for a group of Gyms. On one of the sub nav tabs - 'the community' I need to add facebook style photo galleries. The page would contain album covers with titles / dates and when you click one of the covers, it will reveal thumbnails of the images that would open in a lightbox. Just as facebook does.

Adding the galleries would need to be quite easy to do from Wordpress as the end client will be doing all of this and does not know much WP.

However, I don't want to use the fetch FB albums plugin at this stage...

You can see the work that has been started (and abandoned) here:

I am happy to give ftp and wp details and would love to get this done as soon as possible!

Looking forward to it.



Answers (4)


Asad Iqbal answers:

How is the current album ( implemented?

Using any plugin? Or is it a facebook plugin?

Asad Iqbal comments:

I think It is possible by using next-zen gallery, see the demos:

If you think I need to implement it then mail me username and pass at: mdasadiqbal[at]gmail[dot]com


Martin Pham answers:

Hi there,
you are using NextGen Gallery and you want to replace it with a similar but add image and management simpler?

I can help you! Contact me via email: [email protected]

Best Regards,


Dbranes answers:

Maybe this is another approach:

(the images are hosted on facebook and not on your wordpress, it uses the facebook query language - fql)


Daniel answers:

Dear Will,

Send me the FTP and wp-admin login details with full admin privileges. I can do it for you without a plugin. $25 per hour fee. First hour or less is $25. I've done this sort of process before and it doesn't require the end-user to use HTML/CSS later.

kg4dni [at] gmail [dot] com